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Development of new processes towards Atlantic heritage management

Big open data atlantic heritage1

Tourism is a major engine of economic development, but it also creates a burden difficult to bear among the inhabitants. Mass tourism is promoted for destinations of great cultural, historical and heritage importance, some of them also classified as World Heritage sites by UNESCO.

BODAH aims at strengthening a more holistic sustainable development of tourism and citizens flows and socio-economic impacts redistributions thanks to the use of data and smart technologies. The project plans to develop new tools, solutions and knowledge in line with the current sectoral changes and characteristics of smart destinations, able to collect, generate, integrate and analyse information and transform it into behaviour changes and decision making processes.”


The Bodah consortium consists of 10 partners from universities, research institutes, nonprofit organizations, municipalities and natural park. Bodah is funded through the Interreg Atlantic programme.
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Manage economic impacts on heritage sites, cities and monuments


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Learn more about Santiago de Compostela, one of the four pilot cities of the BODAH project.
March 2021
A recap of everything that has been done in recent months. This is the third edition of the newsletter.
Promotional video of the European BODAH project, which main objective is to use new technologies to support the sustainable development of tourism and people flows in heritage cities of the Atlantic Area.
On February 18, the participants of the (BODAH) European project held their fourth meeting.
December 2020
A recap of everything that has been done in recent months. This is the second edition of the newsletter.
July 2020
A recap of everything that has been done in recent months. This is the first edition and we will publish more editions in the future.
BODAH takes another step in improving tourism management and people management flows in heritage cities in the Atlantic Area.
Handled correctly, safely and in a coordinated manner, the months to come could offer Europeans the chance to get some well-needed rest, relaxation and fresh air, and to catch up with friends and family
On 30 of April 2020, the 8 partners involved in the BODAH project gathered in an online meeting due to the COVID-19 global situation.

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