Newsletter #5


Newsletter #5

In this newsletter, we've enumerated everything that has happened during the last few months. At first, it is stated that the Institute of Studies and Development of Galicia (IDEGA) has joined BODAH. Then, we discuss the problems with the sustainable growth of tourism and heritage in heritage cities. Next, we discuss intra-European travel during the Russia-Ukraine war and the subsequent conflict. Then, we provide details on the theme webinar on tourism and culture in the green and digital transition that was held in March 2022 as part of international urban and regional cooperation (IURC). Subsequently, we describe the sixth steering committee meeting that took place on 7th July 2022 as a hybrid BODAH Coordination Meeting. After that, we go through the Upcoming Event, which is a chance for BODAH to be disseminated at the Madeira Island International Summit on October 25–27, 2022. Finally, we present our BODAH visualization Dashboard demo with the link that the complete version will be released very soon.

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